Oxford Big Read Global Contest

What is Big Read Global?

Oxford Big Read Global is a reading competition for primary and secondary school students in India. Students who participate in the competition will be required to read Oxford University Press (OUP) Readers and do different age-wise activities based on the levels they belong to. Shortlisted students will be decided by their respective schools, and their entries will have to be sent to OUP offices/OUP email ID for the final selection.

They can also read books from Oxford Reading Buddy, free trial of which will be provided to interested schools.

Who can participate?

All students from classes 1-9, studying in schools of India, can join the Oxford Big Read Global competition. All entries must be submitted through the class teacher of each class and the school. Each class will participate according to its level category. 

Oxford Big Read extends to
International schools for the third year.


What are the levels?


No individual applications from parents/students will be accepted.

When it happens?

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