Higher Education

Publishing textbooks in key disciplines of engineering, computer science, business and economics. Texts are developed keeping in mind students' requirements; balancing theory and practice with examples, cases, and illustrations that add value to the content. Texts are supported with ancillary material that aid faculty in teaching and assessment.

  • Textbook
    Vibrant Hues
    Vibrant Hues Price: 150.00 INR Mridul Bordoloi & Pratik Chowdhury
    Paperback | 28/06/2019

    Price: 150.00 INR

  • Textbook
    Wordscapes Price: 165.00 INR Oxford University Press and Editors' N. Jagadeshwari, Bharathi Harishankar & Mini Krishnan
    Paperback | 06/06/2019

    Price: 165.00 INR

  • Textbook
    Petals of Life
    Petals of Life Price: 105.00 INR A collection of prose pieces

    Oxford University Press
    Paperback | 31/05/2019

    Price: 105.00 INR

  • Textbook
    India Price: 140.00 INR A Journey through Stories

    Oxford University Press and Editors' Alkesh Patel, Bharti Dave & Nitesh Solanki
    Paperback | 31/05/2019

    Price: 140.00 INR

  • Textbook
    Problem Solving and Programming with Python
    Problem Solving and Programming with Python Price: 499.00 INR For Anna University

    Reema Thareja
    Paperback | 29/05/2019

    Price: 499.00 INR

  • Textbook
    Biology for Engineers
    Biology for Engineers Price: 345.00 INR Dr G K Suraishkumar
    Paperback | 15/05/2019

    Price: 345.00 INR

  • Textbook
    Building Materials
    Building Materials Price: 699.00 INR Testing and Sustainability

    Dr N. Subramanian
    Paperback | 15/05/2019

    Price: 699.00 INR

  • Textbook
    Engineering Chemistry
    Engineering Chemistry Price: 695.00 INR Payal B. Joshi & Shashank Deep
    Paperback | 15/05/2019

    Price: 695.00 INR

  • Textbook
    Fundamentals of Computers
    Fundamentals of Computers Price: 365.00 INR Reema Thareja
    Paperback | 15/05/2019

    Price: 365.00 INR

  • Textbook
    Financial Accounting for Management
    Financial Accounting for Management Price: 675.00 INR Paresh Shah
    Paperback | 15/05/2019

    Price: 675.00 INR