• Book
    (Un)Familiar Femininities
    (Un)Familiar Femininities Price: 875.00 INR Studies in Contemporary Lesbian South Asian Texts

    Aneeta Rajendran
    Paperback | 13/07/2015

    Price: 875.00 INR

  • Book
    Poverty and the Quest for Life
    Poverty and the Quest for Life Price: 795.00 INR Spiritual and Material Striving In Rural India

    Bhrigupati Singh
    Hardback | 13/07/2015

    Price: 795.00 INR

  • Book
    New Subaltern Politics
    New Subaltern Politics Price: 850.00 INR Reconceptualizing Hegemony and Resistance In Contemporary India

    Alf Gunvald Nilsen
    Paperback | 22/06/2015

    Price: 850.00 INR

  • Book
    Beyond Hybridity and Fundamentalism
    Beyond Hybridity and Fundamentalism Price: 750.00 INR Emerging Muslim Identity in Globalized India

    Tabassum Ruhi Khan
    Paperback | 08/05/2015

    Price: 750.00 INR

  • Book
    Education and Society
    Education and Society Price: 1795.00 INR Themes, Perspectives, Practices

    Meenakshi Thapan
    Hardback | 23/02/2015

    Price: 1795.00 INR

  • Book
    Entangled Urbanism
    Entangled Urbanism Price: 950.00 INR Slum, Gated Community, and Shopping Mall In Delhi and Gurgaon

    Sanjay Srivastava
    Hardback | 15/12/2014

    Price: 950.00 INR

  • Book
    Café Culture in Pune
    Café Culture in Pune Price: 995.00 INR Being Young and Middle Class in Urban India

    Teresa Platz Robinson
    Hardback | 22/09/2014

    Price: 995.00 INR

  • Book
    Being Muslim in South Asia
    Being Muslim in South Asia Price: 995.00 INR Diversity and Daily Life

    Robin Jeffrey & Ronojoy Sen
    Hardback | 21/04/2014

    Price: 995.00 INR

  • Book
    Human Rights as Practice
    Human Rights as Practice Price: 850.00 INR Dalit Women Securing Livelihood Entitlements in South India

    Jayshree P. Mangubhai
    Hardback | 14/01/2014

    Price: 850.00 INR

  • Book
    Living Between Juniper and Palm
    Living Between Juniper and Palm Price: 995.00 INR Nature, Culture, and Power In The Himalayas

    Ben Campbell
    Hardback | 13/09/2013

    Price: 995.00 INR