Dr N. Subramanian

Dr N. Subramanian, is an award winning author, consultant, researcher, and mentor, now living in USA and former Chief Executive of Computer Design Consultants, Chennai. Three of his books have won the coveted ACCE-Nagadi Award and are prescribed as text books at several universities.

Dr N. Subramanian, a well known Consultant, award winning author and mentor has recently been elected as a Fellow of the prestigious Indian National Academy of Engineering (INAE). The Academy honours Indian and Foreign nationals who are elected by “peer” committees in recognition of their personal achievements in “Engineering” which are of exceptional merit and demonstrated distinctive eminence in the new and developing fields of technology. Election to the National Academy of Engineering is among the highest professional distinctions accorded to an engineer. Upto 50 Fellows from Academia, R&D and Industry are elected every year and the total number of Fellows at any one time does not exceed 1000.