Future Ready with STEAM

DIY Activities

How to make a pinhole camera

Get ready with the following materials to make one: Scissors, candles, matches, thumb pin, insulation tape, pencil, sketch pen or marker, wooden skewer, butter paper, black chart paper (A4 size), and OHP sheet.

How to make your own Fire Extinguisher

Get ready with the following materials to make one: Insulation tape, scissors, sketch pens, ruler, plastic bottle, bendable straw, fat straw, citric acid, baking soda, tissue paper and candles.

How to make a seed dispersal model

Get ready with the following materials to perform this experiment: Scissors, transparent tape, pen/pencil, rectangular paper strip, rubber foam, binding wire, thermocol ball, wooden skewer, and cotton.

How to make a friction-climber

Make it at home with the following materials: Straw pieces, some thread, and cardboard cut-out.

How to make a base

Make it at home using the below materials: Scissors, ruler, sketch pen/marker, transparent container, connecting wire, A4 cell, insulation tape, fat straw, turmeric powder, aluminium tape, safety pin, table salt (NaCl), cylinder plastic container, cup of water, OHP sheet, and copper strip.