Short stories for children

A Day at the Swamp

What happens when a brontosaurus, a diplodocus and a brachiosaurus meet a hungry tyrannosaurus? Join Belinda, the brontosaurus, to find out about her great escape!

My Early Home

The tale of a spirited horse, Black Beauty, captured everyone’s imagination when it was first published in 1877. The book talks about the working animal’s misery and teaches us to treat animals with sympathy and kindness. Find out more about how Black Beauty’s journey starts as a happy-go-lucky foal on an English farm.

Pinocchio, the Naughty Puppet

Geppetto, a poor puppeteer, uses an enchanted piece of wood to carve a puppet boy he calls Pinocchio. The mischievous Pinocchio does not want to be a puppet; he longs to become a real boy! Let us find out how his adventures begin.

The Wind and the Sun

A long, long time ago there was a bitter fight between the Wind and the Sun to see who was the strongest! Who do you think won? Let us find out.

Doctor Doolittle Learns a New Language

Journey into the world of Doctor Doolittle, the kind and eccentric man who can speak with animals. Find out how he discovered this hidden talent!

On the Yellow Brick Road

Imagine walking down a road paved with bright yellow bricks to find a wizard who lives in a city built of green glass and emeralds, while wearing shoes made of silver! That is exactly what happened to Dorothy. Join her on an incredible adventure as she tries to find her way back home when she and her dog are swept away from their home in Kansas by a cyclone.

Raoul the Owl

When a young owl (with bad eyesight) decides to sleep at night and wake up in the morning to go hunt for food, his family is very upset! Whoever has heard of an owl that sleeps during the night? Join Raoul as he sets out to do something no owl has done before!