Developments in South Asia are reinvigorating intellectual curiosities, generating exciting and new research puzzles while also compelling return to some enduring concerns. For years now, South Asia has been one of the fastest growing regions in the world. However, rapid economic growth has been accompanied by income inequalities, education and health inequities, environmental degradation, macroeconomic imbalances—even macroeconomic crises in some cases—and, generally, uneven public service delivery to its citizens. 

Home to approximately 24% of the world’s population, South Asia is known for its astounding cultural diversity. The region faces an array of political challenges related to ethnic and religious diversity, including virulent forms of identity politics, ethnic violence, terrorism, and separatism. Gender violence has also been a major concern, with its nuances and long-standing ramifications still being inadequately addressed.

Following its successful launch in 2017, the South Asia Conclave (SAC) is steadily emerging as a major platform to deliberate over these significant issues pertaining to South Asia. The third edition of the Conclave is an all-day event on July 11, 2019. As before, the panels will be structured around major recently published or forthcoming books by Oxford University Press worldwide.

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