Oxford Student Atlas for India (Revised 4th Edition)


  • This completely new edition of the Oxford Student Atlas for India is designed keeping in mind the syllabi requirements of various education boards in India.


  • The Oxford Student Atlas for India covers India's physical, geo-political, environmental, demographic, socio-economic, cultural, and historical features with thematic and statistical representation on a range of topics that are usually included in major syllabi. In addition, it vividly traces geographic characteristics of each continent with regional maps of important countries and the world
  • The atlas also comes along with an interactive digital resource. Just download the OXFORD AREAL app and scan the cover for free additional exercises, reference maps, learning resources and much more on your tablet/mobile phone.


  • Contains high quality digital maps that are aesthetically laid out
  • Provides accurate, 3D physical maps that highlight details.
  • Includes the latest available socio-economic data culled from the most authoritative sources.
  • Provides an informative preliminary section that includes topics such as maps and history of map-making, concepts of contour and landforms, realms of the Earth, etc. in the beginning of the atlas.
  • Covers important topical themes such as biogeographic zones, wildlife and wetlands, power projects, agricultural regions, food grain production, livestock and fisheries, industrial regions, human development, tourism, heritage, etc.
  • Includes 12 maps focusing on the Indian climate and 17 maps on agriculture and allied sectors of the country.
  • Covers an informative section on the history of the Indian subcontinent and world history.
  • Provides symbols for each place name for India and the world according to population range.
  • Student-friendly and easy-to-use with both pictorial and graphical representations
  • Contains a fully updated and revised.

Oxford Areal Features

  • Animations explaining important geographical and historical concepts
  • Informative videos on mapping techniques
  • Maps of select regions of the world, including maps of the SAARC nations.
  • Detailed maps of important cities of India and the world
  • Interactive games and quizzes
  • Demographic statistics for each Indian district
  • Printable quizzes and printable outline maps


  • New Educational Series
 Map-toposheet no.
G43S7 (old no. 45 D/7)
  • Poster-size wall map of India-Political