Oxford STAR - Testimonials

"Assessment has always been a challenging factor in a mixed ability classroom. The assessment model for schools developed by Oxford University Press reflects the exhaustive contribution of the experts. The assessment solution proposed in this product is flexible with respect to the child's level of performance."

Sonu Nayyar

Head, Department of English, DPS Mathura

"The assessment is multifaceted in such a way that it provides a complete insight into the child's strength and improvement areas. The reports are comprehensive and exhaustive and provide a forward-looking approach towards a child's academic progress."

Sapna Sankhla

Principal, e-Techno Narayana School, Chennai

"The test modules are well researched and based on cognitive, creative, critical thinking, and personal and social awareness - all being very important 21st century skills that every student must possess when they come out of the portals of education."

Gowri Sarkar

Headmistress, DPS (Miyapur), Hyderabad

"The analytical method of questioning promotes higher order thinking skills. The Assessment is done in such a way that remediation can be planned well. Even the students' 'Understand Your Score' card with the achievement and improvement column is of great help."

G. Sree Devi

Academic Director, Jubilee Hills Public School

"The SNDT Women's University constituted an expert panel to review and validate the STAR (Standardised Test for Assessment and Review) competency framework, to be used for the various assessments established through it, an initiative of Oxford University Press.

The competency framework is holistic and robust, encompassing cognitive and affective domains. It helps to test the ability of students in scholastic and co-scholastic areas along with the behavioural aspects that can be applied to subjects such as science, mathematics, language at upper primary levels of education."

Dr Jayashree Shinde

Head, Department of Educational Technology

SNDT Women's University