Oxford Achiever is a comprehensive online learning and assessment system focusing on English. It caters to students of classes 1-8 and comprises:

1.    An online Placement Diagnostic Test for each class with immediate report that identifies students’ initial levels of subject knowledge and language aptitude.

2. 36 progressive levels of difficulty (from P1 to S3) catering to learner diversity.

3. Auto-marked practice exercises for immediate remediation with questions that are tagged to specific learning objectives in six categories (Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking, Grammar and Vocabulary) for accurate and ongoing formative assessment.

4. Provision of post-practice, learning objective-specific self-learning materials for immediate remediation or enhancement.

5. Tests and summative assessments that closely follow the local exam format(s).

6. Indicative post-assessment reports and performance analyses for review of individual differences in each key learning area of a subject.

7. Overview charts that shows each student's performance.

8. Recognition of students’ performance and achievements to boost learner motivation through level promotion, trophies and awards, credits to play games in Adventureland.