CSR Activities 2016

Winter clothes collection drive​ (November 2016)

OUP India organized a winter clothes collection drive in collaboration with Goonj, a well-known national NGO. The endeavour was to collect  woollen clothes for the unprivileged in our society and engage our staff in doing so. This drive was organized across all OUP India regional offices and received an overwhelming response. A total of 26 cartons of clothes were donated to Goonj.

Charitable Giving at OUP India​ (September 2016)

OUP India donated books and learning materials to three education charities. About 30,000 units of books were donated to Literacy India, Hope Foundation and the Shri Ram Foundation for use by children.

These books were drawn from a list of books that would have otherwise been pulped. By way of this donation these learning resources, all of which were in brand new condition, have been put to good use for the benefit of children studying in these charities. 

In addition to the books, OUP India also donated stationary, school bags, shoes and several other materials that contribute towards continuity of education of children.

These donation drives were organized with active participation from OUP’s leadership teams. Rachel Goode, Group Communications Director joined the donation ceremony at Literacy India and Sanjoy Majumder, Associate Director – School Education, OUP India joined the ceremony at Hope Foundation Kolkata.